Take your ConnectionsRx Card to the pharmacyStep 1:

Take your card to the pharmacy.

Give the card to the pharmasistStep 2:

Give your card to the pharmacist.

Save up to 75% on your prescriptionsStep 3:

Save up to 75% on prescriptions!


Don't Just Get It - Use It!

Save up to 75% on your prescription drugs with the RxRelief Card brought to you by Bishop T.D. Jakes! Get this FREE card that entitles you to our best discounts on over 50,000  medications. 

Important: when you receive your card in the mail, put it in your wallet immediately so you can use it the next time you visit the pharmacy to fill a prescription.

There are no fees to use these cards, and you will never be charged for them. (And there is no charge for shipping and handling).

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Without insurance or utilizing the discount card I was paying $339.00 per month out of pocket.  With this wonderful discount card I now only pay $155.00 per month.  That is very substantial and I can't thank T.D. Jakes and RxRelief enough for lowering my expenses! – Linda Gross, RxRelief Member

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to get your discount card and how well it has worked for me. – Jan E., Dallas, TX

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from an unemployed Mom, who needs her meds. It was great being able to go get my meds and get a GREAT discount for free. – Kim W., Ashland, VA

I was faced with paying for one prescription for $115.00 until I handed the pharmacist this card. She came back and said I owed $10.00. That truly made my day.– David D, Simsbury, CT

Call Us Toll Free: 1-855-871-6280. We Provide 24/7 Support.